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The Band

Al Christie - Guitar & Vocals (UK)

Born in Dunfermline Scotland. Al started to play guitar when he was 17, in a Punk band then moved on to playing in Metal Bands before moving to London at the age 0f 20 where he learned to play many other styles including Pop, Rock, blues, Funk, Country and Flamenco Guitar.  Al has played with lots of bands and Artists over the years, including Mark Morrison's UK Number 1 hit "Return of the Mack", sessions for BBC, Film sountracks, Dylan Howe,Tony Kylie (Blow Monkeys) Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton,Art Of Noise, Bassist) Neil Conti (David bowie,Prefab Sprout) Andy Couglan (Gary Numan) Emily Barker, the Arlenes,Phil Chill (Nehna Cherry, Mark Morrison,Massive Attack) Emma Tricker, Regg Webb(Lenny Kravitz,Keyboards) 

Mr G - Bass Guitar 

Mr G has been playing music since he was seven years old. A self taught musicien,He played with Stephane in a ZZ Top Tribute band and has shared the stage with  Try Yann, Kassav, Christophe Maé, Charlotte Dipanda, Yannick Noah and Emmanuel Jobs… »

Playing all styles such as Rock, Pop-Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Groove, Blues, African, Reagge and Celtic. After 10 years of practcing drums, he started to play the Bass Guitar and in 2001 he began a career as a professional musicien till this day. At the age of of 35, he went to the Music Academy international and left top of his class. At the same time he went to the conservatory and learned classic music on DoubleBass. 

Stephane Gaillard - Drums (FR)

Author, composer, interpreter, he released his first solo album in 2011. After ten years of courses, competitions and various rock formations, Stephane is adapt at playing all styles of funk, blues and jazz. In 2000, after spending six months at MIT in Los Angeles, where he was awarded Valedictorian, Stephane won a real reputation of a rock drummer. He acquired professional status in 2005. His musical maturity led him to create his own groups. And in 2006 he founded Vonzepp.


Mr G